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Libraire Ikirezi Bookshop is a bookstore, press, multimedia and stationary production and supply company focused on the Africa great lakes region and East Africa in particular.

The Company has a high quality asset base consisting of a couple of bookstores in Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo, and exploration and development of more bookstores as well as online bookstore presence.
Effective 2006, Libraire Lavie Litteraire is a subsidiary of Libraire Ikirezi Bookshop, initiated in 1998 in Kigali, Rwanda effectively spreading to Goma in DRC.

The Company was started due to a significant lack of bookshops in the great lakes region and since starting, the bookstore moved to its first location at Avenue de la Paix and since has grown to include 4 stores in Rwanda with the main store/headquarters at Kigaliand plans to increase its influence through utilizing advanced and proven technologies e.g: Online sales as well as home deliveries scheduled to commence in 2012.

Its demonstrated operational and technical expertise, combined with its reputation and strong community relationships throughout the great lakes region make Libraire Ikirezi Bookshop well positioned to continue to grow and fulfill the urge to be the Number 1 bookstore in the Great Lakes Region.

The Company employs over  8 people of which more than 80% are Rwandan.
It consists of management, administration, customer care service, financial department, sales department and orders processing divisions.

Join us to promote the reading culture in the great lakes region


Ikirezi LLC
KG 5 Avenue, No 15 - Kacyiru
Mob: +250 788560358
Kigali, Rwanda