Librairie Ikirezi Bookshop

Art materials

Librairie Ikirezi has a swelling range of art materials which includes by the end of the year 2020:

Paints: Acrylic, gouache, oil, spray and watercolour paints in an artist’s palette of over 15 colours for each type of paint.

Assorted sets for aquarelle (pencils, tubes and pastilles); acrylics and oil paints; calligraphy (pens, ink); sketching (graphite pencils, fine-liners, carré crayons); as well charcoal and graphite (pencils, sticks, natural); pastels (pencils, oil, soft) and artist markers.

Paper: Drawing, paint and sketching paper for dry-, wet- or multi-techniques (pads, wire bound, and hardbound books) as well as canvas boards and rolls.

Brushes for acrylic, gouache, oil and watercolour paints (assorted sets, trays and over 140 soft grip artist brushes).

Miscellanious: Oil, acrylic mediums and additives (prepare-make-create-protect-clean); pencil, charcoal, pastel fixative, and a range of accessories like stumps and blender pencils, art erasers, art sponges, painting knives, palettes among others.  

Books: To be initiated in art; to improve your works or better understand the art techniques; colour use and mixing; required art material for a certain technique as well design composition and application of perspectives, an assortment of art technics books is available in English and French. To improve professional knowledge, to be inspired, for dreaming where you can become one day or just because you love what you see or it is a book that impresses you, a number of African and contemporary art books is available 

This portfolio offers a range of high-quality products for learning to professional artists, for beginners and school use refer to our Stationery portfolio. Ikirezi partners with recognized brands like Staedtler, Liquitex, LeFranc Bourgeois, Conté à Paris, Royal Brushes. In case you have specific needs please pass in the walk-in shop or contact us .