Librairie Ikirezi Bookshop

Culture and heritage

Ikirezi offers a curiously selected collection of cultural and natural heritage books:

  • Our range of tourist guides does not only offer the Rwanda guides, but furthermore DRC, East-African, Horn of Africa and Southern Africa region guides.
  • Wildlife of Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda covering the gorillas, mammals, reptiles and amphibians completed by books about endangered animals and the rapid natural changes.
  • Birds and birdwatching Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya, Tanzania East Africa, Horn of Africa.
  • Landscape guides about trees, flowers and plants for better understanding while walking around in your neighbourhood or in the hills or visiting parks but also about gardening and keeping house plants to create your own wilderness.
  • Cultural heritage books about Rwanda, African art and history and of course coffee table books which include books about Coffee and Tea, major crops in Rwanda and now a passion for everyday life.

This section is of course not only for adults you will also meet with very attractive children’s books.

These books are for people who love the beauty of our world, who like a remembrance of an unforgettable stay, who want an attractive life style or like to present something special to family, friends and beloved. Or just because you can’t resist it

A variety of Rwandan handcraft, sourced from local workshops include:

  • Imigongo, traditional decorative patterns, coming from its root region (South-east of Rwanda) and specially produced for Librairie Ikirezi.
  • Handcraft cloth dolls and animals sewed by a woman cooperative based in the North-west Rubavu region. All items are filled with the threads of used corn sacks, delivered to them by a nearby brewery.
  • Turumwe eucalyptus soap wrapped in a wax tissue produced in a small workshop in the Southern Nyamata district near the Burundian border.
  • Handmade post cards sourced from Rwandan artists who use local products as banana leaves, wax textile and recovered paper.

We also offer items like Rwanda’s flag, table flag and scarf, hiking compass, (wall)maps of all African countries, post cards, gorilla key rings and so on.