Librairie Ikirezi Bookshop

Games and plays

Librairie Ikirezi offers a fast-growing selection of puzzles, board games and children early learning and development articles. As you would expect from Librairie Ikirezi, and as far as possible in both English and French language (eg Scrabble, Monopoly, bord games, etc). There is little available, but we have even something in Kinyarwanda. 

In puzzle you can expect the early learning materials, bath books, alphabet/numbering jigsaw and then for growing children and lastly for adults with 500, 1000 or 2000 pieces or double sided once.

This selection is completed by activity kits; colouring books; cross-words books; anf dictionaries for all ages futhermore playing cards, wooden sticks (Mikado), domino, building bricks, etc.