Librairie Ikirezi Bookshop

Librairie Lave Littéraire

Librairie Lave Littéraire is established in the eastern DRC town of Goma, capital of the North-Kivu province and the bordering town of Gisenyi at a i a three hours’ drive from Kigali. Librairie lave Littéraire was founded from Ikirezi in 2005 and for several years Ikirezi staff provided technical, operational and logistical support.

 It soon became clear that for operational reasons this was not a viable model for an autonomous business model and a company based in another country. With support from Ikirezi, CNL and AILF, all operations were separated and the role of Ikirezi was limited to logistic support.

Librairie Lave Littéraire is located in the center of Goma with a floor area of approximately 120m².The portfolio consists mainly of management, accounting, law, agriculture, medical, sociology, personal development, cooking, afro, religion, information technology, dictionnaires and general literature as well as a selection of children’s books. Books are all in the French language with a small selection of English-language books mainly about the Congo. Librairie Lave Littéraire also offers a growing selection of high quality school and office materials. Librairie Lave Littéraire offers its customer to order books published in France, Belgium and Canada as long as they are available via French distributors. 

Librairie Lave Littéraire is officially designated by The National Book Centre (Centre National du Livre – CNL, based in Paris France) as a French-language reference bookstore, a brand renewed every three year.