Librairie Ikirezi Bookshop


Librairie Ikirezi offers a complete assortment of quality school and office materials as well as hobby, creativity, relaxation and learning materials. There is a strong reference across the different sub categories.

School materials: A complete package of school materials aimed at both English and French education system is available the year around. This includes notebooks; drawing materials; writing- and correction materials; early learning; colouring materials; filing; adhesives, calculators and all other items that you need for your learning needs. The selection of our school materials also takes in account the ergonomic charateristics of the item.

Office and professional materials:  In office and professionnel materials we offer a full range in basic and upper market writing materials; paper; filing; organization; livre d’or, condolence books, diaries and attractive notebooks; and small stuff like clips, staples, tapes, adhesives, correction materials, and so more. 

Creativity and relaxation materials: Creativity and relaxation materials is getting more attention of our customers. Already for years, we offer a range of handcraft materials (clay, pompons, craft papers, wool, raffia, etc.); party materials like face paints; chalks and paints; colouring books and creativity kits not only for young children but for adults as well.

Adapted materials: We offer age, motoric and professionally adapted materials such as short pencils, plastic scissors, children’s and artist’s aprons, cm/inch measure materials, easy-to-carry materials but also in display boxes to better organize at home, school or work. Special needs materials include a range of left-handed scissors, fountain pens, magnifiers and we are keen to identify and store more. 

Quality standards: As far as feasible, we adhere to global product security standards such as CE certified, FSC, PEFC,non-toxic, acid-free, PH neutral among other norms. We are particular keen that any children material is CE certified furthermore produced in the UE to minimalize children’s’ safety risks. Although as a buyer we have less influence on environmental standards in the supply chain, we are pleased to see that many of our suppliers are changing to degradable packing materials as well as reducing the scale of materials. We only partner with official suppliers and as such we are an accredited seller of Schneider, Staedtler, Pilot (writing, correction, drawing, art); Clairefontaine (school, office and art paper); Exacompta (all type of filing); Apli, Wonday (school, hobby and office items); LeFranc Bourgeois, Royal Brushes (art materials). In case you notice any fault in an article, please contact us by return.